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How to Determine the Cost of Your Dental Implants

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Dental Implants Are an Investment in Your Future

While dental implants are considered the ideal option to replace missing teeth, many patients worry about the overall cost of the procedure. Every patient has different needs when it comes to replacing their lost teeth and these needs can alter the overall cost of dental implants. At Advanced Dentistry, we encourage all our patients to look at dental implants as an investment in their oral and overall health, as well as in their quality of life. Implants provide many benefits that other tooth replacement options cannot offer, such as durability, preventing bone deterioration and the ability to last the rest of your life with proper care.

Dental Implant Cost Sugar Land, TX
“The kind of defect that you’re presented with will determine how much intervention needs to take place to place implants in”
Doctor Varghese John

Are You Currently Wearing Dentures?

With dental implants we can even replace a full arch of missing teeth as an alternative to regular dentures. While traditional dentures may seem like a more affordable option upfront, full-arch dental implants, like implant supported dentures are a better investment over the course of your lifetime. Dentures are effective at restoring function to the mouth, but they do not prevent bone deterioration and often need to be replaced several times as the jaw changes shape due to the bone deterioration. In many cases, full-arch dental implants cost less over the course of a lifetime than it would to continually replace old dentures.

Dental Implant Cost Sugar Land, TX

Karen's Experience With Dental Implants

What Determines The Cost of Implants?

Every dental implant case is different for each patient. Whether it be the appearance of the tooth being replaced, how many teeth need to be replaced or even the health of the oral structure, many factors are considered when creating your treatment plan. We begin the evaluation process with a cone beam CT scan using our state-of-the-art Gendex GXDP-700™ machine.This gives us a detailed, 3D view of your oral structure so we can accurately plan the position and placement of your dental implants.

Factors we consider when determining your dental implant cost include:

Dental Implant Cost Sugar Land, TX

Let an Experienced Professional Work with Your Investment

When making such an important investment in your health, it is important to be sure you are working with a doctor who has experience and a dedication to quality. Dr. Varghese John has been in practice for over 21 years and continually keeps up to date on all the latest advancements in dentistry and implantology.

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Dental Implants Before and After

Dr. John has received multiple certifications from the prestigious Misch International Implant Institute in surgical curriculum, prosthetic curriculum and advanced bone grafting courses. He also attends continuing education courses from the Pikos Institute in full-arch guided surgery and immediate teeth. For those who experience dental anxiety, we offer advanced sedation dentistry to make your treatment a calming experience. You deserve to enjoy all life has to offer without worrying about dentures, your appearance or what foods you can eat!

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