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Qualify for Dental Implants by Restoring Jaw Bone Volume

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Bone Grafting Restores Lost Bone Volume to Your Jaw

Jaw bone loss is a condition that can affect a person’s facial appearance and oral health, which means it should not be taken lightly. Bone loss in your jaw can occur for a variety of reasons, including oral trauma, periodontal disease or missing teeth that are not replaced. When you do not have adequate bone volume in your jaw, you will not qualify for dental implants, as they need a healthy level of bone to be successfully placed. When someone has lost too much bone volume, we can restore it to healthy levels through bone grafting treatment. Dr. Varghese John has advanced training in bone grafting procedures and can restore your jaw so you can enjoy your smile once again.

The Bone Grafting Procedure

Bone Grafting Sugar Land, TX
The Bone Grafting Process

When performing a bone grafting procedure, we can take a small amount of bone from you or a donor source and turn it into bone granules. These granules fuse to existing bone and allows for the bone to regenerate to healthy levels. If bone loss has occurred due to missing teeth, we will be able to place dental implants only after the bone grafting procedure is completed. With Dr. John’s advanced training in bone grafting, he is able to add bone where it is necessary, not just where it is easiest. Our bone grafting procedures generally take around three months to heal before you are ready for the next step in jaw restoration, typically dental implants.

The Sinus Lift

Those with bone loss in the upper molar and premolar area may need to undergo a special form of bone grafting, called a sinus lift. This location in the jaw may have a very low volume of bone if a patient has a large sinus cavity or has lost too much bone around this location. A sinus lift allows Dr. John to gently access the sinus cavity and raise the sinus membrane. He will then add bone granules to the new space under the sinus to create the necessary volume for dental implants to be successfully placed.

Bone Grafting Sugar Land, TX
The Sinus Lift Process

Advanced Bone Graft Training

Bone Grafting Sugar Land, TX

Karen's Experience With Bone Grafting

Dr. John has received extensive training in bone grafting from an externship in advanced bone grafting surgery from Belgrade Medical College in Belgrade, Serbia. This allows him to perform even the most difficult of bone grafting cases for and ideal result. While we do always try and make our procedures as minimally invasive as possible, we do offer advanced sedation options. Sedation dentistry allows even the most fearful of patients to relax and have an enjoyable dental experience. Additionally, we offer SonicWeld® technology, which allows us to perform bone grafts with fewer surgeries thanks to a special membrane that is resorbed into your tissue.

If you have missing teeth or have suffered jaw bone loss, contact Advanced Dentistry today to schedule a consultation and find out if you may need bone grafting services.

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