Six Month Smiles® May Special – $1,000 Off

By July 5, 2016Blog

561982810-2The team at Advanced Dentistry is excited to announce our latest special: $1,000 off the total price of Six Month Smiles® treatment. Dr. Varghese John uses Six Month Smiles® to quickly and discreetly straighten the teeth. By offering $1,000 off this popular and effective treatment option, we hope to make Six Month Smiles® affordable for teen and adult patients. For more information about the Six Month Smiles® May special coupon, contact our Sugarland, TX and Missouri City, TX area practice today.

How to Redeem the Coupon

To receive the $1,000 off credit, schedule your Six Month Smiles® consultation with Dr. John sometime in May. Simply print out the coupon, and bring it to your scheduled appointment. If you decide to more forward with Six Month Smiles®, we will deduct $1,000 from the total cost of treatment.

Are You a Six Month Smiles® Candidate?

Six Month Smiles® is an orthodontic option that can correct cosmetic misalignment issues that affect the anterior teeth. Patients with major bite problems, such as severe overbite or underbite, are not good candidates for Six Month Smiles®. To qualify for treatment, patients must be at least 15 years of age, and have good dental health. If dental problems such as cavities or gum disease are identified during the consultation exam, we will recommend a restorative plan to address those issues before proceeding with Six Month Smiles® treatment.

Six Month Smiles® Benefits

Six Month Smiles® offers a number of benefits to patients. The treatment is:

  • Quick: Because it only corrects the teeth that are visible when you smile, the treatment timeline is accelerated. In most cases, treatment is complete in just six months. To maintain the results of Six Month Smiles®, patients should wear a retainer at night.
  • More Discreet: Six Month Smiles® uses the traditional orthodontic method of brackets and wires to move the teeth into alignment. The Six Month Smiles® system differs from conventional braces because the brackets and wires are tooth-colored, making them far less visible to others, especially at a distance.
  • More Conservative: Six Month Smiles® offers a more conservative straightening approach when compared to traditional braces. It is designed to gently move the teeth into position, minimizing discomfort throughout the course of treatment. In addition, there is a reduce risk of root damage. While patients with more severe misalignment and bite problems may be better suited to traditional orthodontics, patients with minor alignment issues that affect the anterior teeth will benefit from this more discreet and comfortable treatment option.
  • Safe and Effective: Finally Six Month Smiles® is safe and effective. It relies on trusted orthodontic practices to shift the teeth into their intended positions. Patients can confidently undergo treatment knowing that, in a few short months, their teeth will be visibly straighter.

If you are interested in learning more about Six Month Smiles®, we invite you to contact our practice as soon as possible. By scheduling your consultation in May and bringing in our coupon, you can receive $1,000 off treatment. Contact our practice today for more information.