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Dental Fillings


Dental Fillings

By August 3, 2016
  • 25+ Years Experience
  • Advanced Post-Graduate Training In:• Implant Prosthodontics• Oral & Sinus Surgery• Cosmetic Dentistry• Conscious Sedation
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Tooth-colored Dental Fillings Provide Support and Aesthetics

Dr. Varghese John places tooth-colored dental fillings at his Sugar Land, TX, practice. 96904810-xsTraditional metal fillings not only make otherwise healthy teeth look decayed, but can actually contribute to degradation of the tooth over time. Tooth-colored fillings achieve a completely natural-looking restoration, a stronger bond, and a better overall fit for your smile. If you are in need of cavity treatment, you can depend on Dr. John to restore the health and aesthetics of your smile. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Most patients with cavities are candidates for tooth-colored fillings. Before treatment, Dr. John will determine what kind of restoration your tooth will require. Fillings are generally used to restore teeth with smaller cavities. If you require treatment for a larger cavity, he may recommend a dental inlay or onlay, or a dental crown, instead.


Before cavity treatment begins, Dr. John will administer local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. If necessary, he can provide you with nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to help you achieve a deep state of relaxation.

Next, Dr. John will carefully remove all of the decayed tissues from your tooth. He will clean the remaining tooth structure to ensure no bacteria remains. He will then take a small amount of dental resin – chosen to match the color of your teeth – and use it to fill the void left following cavity treatment. Once he has completely filled the space , Dr. John will harden the resin using a special curing light. Finally, he will polish the treatment area to create a smooth, natural-looking restoration.


If you have a metal filling that you wish to replace, we are here to help. However, Dr. John will not recommend replacing a metal filling unless it is causing problems, or you are unhappy with the appearance. If a metal filling has begun to loosen or develop underlying decay, it should be replaced with a resin filling.

Once Dr. John has removed a metal filling, he will clean the resulting space before applying the tooth-colored resin.

Tooth-colored fillings provide many benefits over metal fillings:
  • They blend more naturally with your smile and are virtually unnoticeable.
  • They can last for many years.
  • They do not expand and contract due to hot and cold temperatures, as metal fillings do. Over time, the expansion and contraction of metal fillings can cause fractures and other damage to your teeth.
  • Composite resin can be more precisely molded to your dental cavity than amalgam fillings for a tighter, longer-lasting fit.
  • Patients with metal allergies do not have to worry about having an adverse reaction to resin fillings.

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